Hilarious IKEA parody of Apple

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Apple - Making a difference. One app at a time. (by Apple)

» Inspiring.

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Real Racing 2 Party Play (by firemintgames)

» I hope more games and apps innovate like this!

“The iPhone 4S is all about the hardware platform shift. Stuff like Siri is window-dressing in comparison, to give the fans at least something visible. LTE support was completely unrealistic… given the other more important and urgent changes going on with the platform. It’s also another reason why fripperies like NFC have been kicked further down the road - especially as I imagine Apple knows very well that it’s being overhyped.”
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» Sad news for technologists everywhere.

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» Sad news for technologists everywhere.

Rope-A-Dope, Indeed


Sometimes you want so badly to say “I told you so!” after months of getting kicked in the ass, that you do so without really looking into what you’re writing about. Or even thinking, really.

Such is the predicament Dan Lyons finds himself in today.

The artist formerly known as Fake Steve Jobs wrote the following this morning immediately after hearing about Google buying Motorola:

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If the average selling price of a Mac runs about $710 more than a PC (ASP of a Mac - ASP of an HP machine), and about $320 of that is profit, then the remaining $390 must be those higher costs… Given the volume their manufacturing partners are turning out… one has to wonder why.

The answer is fairly obvious to anyone coming to Macs after years of using commodity PC equipment: better design and build quality costs more.